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Australian young girl with a rare form of epilepsy has been seizure-free for 18months after taking medicinal cannabis.

“Our daughter Izla, has west syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy” explains Izla mother Kym who after trying every medication and combination on the epilepsy list and seeing the horrible side effects of the different medication her daughter was taking, knew that medicinal cannabis would be the answer to her problems.

The family had to fight for 4 years to gain access to a legal form of medical cannabis.

In December 2017 they were finally given permission to get their hands on it.

The initial cost of the product was $520 but through a compassionate scheme they could access it for $260.

“When we first started Izla on CBD we immediately weaned her off of most of her other meds. We went through a 6 month period of psychotic behavior whilst weaning her! The withdrawals were awful. She also had her first tonic-clonic seizures in the withdrawal process. June 2018 we got her right down to CBD am and pm 1ml and a quarter (2.5mg dose of her epilepsy medication frisium) at night,” continues Kym who says that since that day Izla has not had a seizure or any more withdrawals.

“The fog has lifted! Izla is now able to cognitively develop as well as socially and emotionally! It’s been one huge ride. The sparkle in her eye is amazing and her ability to learn and have a sense of calm is also amazing! From her epilepsy, she has autism and intellectual disability but CBD has helped her tremendously with all this. She used to abscond and not sit for a minute! Now she does all of that and more.

“We still have a lot to support her in but if it wasn’t for CBD her life wouldn’t be anywhere like it is now and she has been seizure free for 18 months,” concludes Kym.