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‘How a cancer diagnosis inspired one of the fastest-emerging medicinal cannabis companies in the world…’ - "It’s the teams that make history… Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much." BBS was… […]
‘How a cancer diagnosis inspired one of the fastest-emerging medicinal cannabis companies in the world…’ - BBS Pharmaceuticals featured in Health Europa Medical Cannabis Network's latest issue... […]
‘How medicinal cannabis changed my daughter’s life…’ - Australian young girl with a rare form of epilepsy has been seizure-free for 18months after taking medicinal cannabis. "Our daughter… […]
New survey findings suggest medicinal cannabis can reduce pain among women with endometriosis… - A survey of Australian women with endometriosis found that 76% of those who self-managed with cannabis noticed effective pain reduction… […]
Give us our medicine! We don’t want to die in agony… - How medicinal cannabis soothes desperate Australians when doctors can’t or won’t prescribe it… Keen surfer Kiwi White eyes the waves… […]
The reality behind opioids-based medicine and how they can kill you… - In 2016, prescription opioids were involved in more deaths and hospitalisations than heroin. 1,045 Australians died of an opioid overdose… […]
World First! Yale approves investigation of the effectiveness of cannabis-based medicines… - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a first-of-its-kind human trials study by the Yale School of Medicine in… […]
Shaking up the industry; BBS secures collaborations with Malaysia, Greece and Italy… - BBS’s Primary growth strategy is to connect with the export markets. As a leader in the market of medicinal cannabis,… […]
Drugs; Alcholol; Opioids; Smoking; Can medicinal cannabis be the answer to addiction disorders?… - An examination of how medical cannabis could be used to combat the abuse of various substances and addiction disorders. Humans… […]
BBS Pharmaceuticals CEO, John Dagas elected on HBio Board… - BBS Pharmaceuticals CEO, John Dagas has been elected on the Hellenic Biocluster Board. Based in Athens, Hellenic Biocluster the first… […]