Our Board of Directors

With backgrounds in business management, government relations, agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, security, and medicine our four founders and now board members

George Vanco, Stuart Bais, Samuel Batler and Brandon Smith, came together in 2017 with a view of becoming innovators and influencers in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry. From this initial dream to make a difference in the world, BBS Pharmaceuticals was born.

Stuart Bais

Managing Director

With a background in the security industry and passionate about developing process and procedures for organizations, Stuart is responsible for BBS’s site security requirements and is also involved in shaping the company’s business strategy and legal compliance.

Samuel Butler


Samuel is a Medical Researcher with a background in security technology and agriculture, who is passionate about global leading practices and dedicated to research with the scope of delivering life changing solutions to individuals and the wider community. Through research and collaboration Samuel has been able to lead with the BBS Board the research arm of this exciting business. He also speaks German.

Brandon Smith


With a background in Business Operations Management, Construction and Research and Development, Brandon is responsible for BBS’s Operational arm. A leader a mentor and a motivator to staff and peers, Brandon, who also speaks Samoan, has held various roles in all aspects of operations within organisations including community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

George Vanco

Executive Chairman

George is an experienced company director with extensive knowledge in Government Relations, International Trade, Business Management, Operations, Planning and Procurement and Qualifications in Built Environment, Financial Planning and Management. George’s experience expands to Agri-business and value adding to primary produce, construction, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

George has also worked in Local and State Government as an Advisor to SA Ministers. Under his leadership, BBS is already expanding its collaborations and partnerships around the globe.

John Dagas

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced senior Executive, John has been employed in various senior executive roles which have allowed him to gain extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of Business Strategy, Innovation, Start Ups, Financial Management, Asset and Facilities Management, Operations, Capital projects, Development Planning, Procurement and Environmental Management.

With qualifications in Civil Engineering and Environmental Management, John is leading BBS in its continuing evolution as the best Medicinal Cannabis company in Australia drawing on his extensive leadership experience in innovation, defence, state and local government and Not-for-Profit sectors. John’s aim is for BBS to achieve and exceed its strategic and operational goals within required timeframes and budgets and to ensure that the company develops strong internal and external relationships in order to achieve required outcomes for all parties involved.

John also speaks Greek and has completed his MBA at the University of South Australia.

Dennis Chung

Construction Project Director

Dennis is an experienced project manager, property development consultant, and international business / procurement entrepreneur. He has extensive experience and Qualifications in Business and Urban Regional and Planning, Project management and International Trade. His post-graduate qualifications are supported by extensive private and public sector experience in both the public and commercial areas.

Dennis has worked in the areas of property development advice, project management and international business and procurement for the past 18 years. His intimate knowledge and experience in the government and private sectors has provided him with the ability to facilitate a “win-win” and “solution-driven” outcome for his clients and projects.

Dennis is also BBS’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.